Monday, October 25, 2010

OCTOBER 25 // 2010

Books @ The Mod Club
$20 adv., doors @ 8


The Books are a bizarre, bizarre band working in plunderphonics, where they take a bunch of disparate samples and mash 'em together into something entirely new (and bizarre). Sort of like a less club-oriented Girl Talk, or something akin to the Avalanches. I got to see them live at All Tomorrow's Parties recently, and they're definitely worth the price of admission. Great fun. Besides, there's slim pickings otherwise, so why not? As an added bonus, The Black Heart Procession are opening, who aren't nearly as fun, per se, but instead wonderfully gloomy, dirgey folk. Get there on time then, eh? (Or just check out the videos, ye out-of-towners).

Other options:

Tom Rush @ Hugh's Room - $door

Adam Hawthorne Stevens @ The Drake Hotel - $10.50 adv.

Two Door Cinema Club @ The Phoenix - $17.50 adv. - ALL AGES


  1. damn ive always wanted to go to toronto

  2. Big Tom Rush fan. Unfortunately he's not touring here in the states

  3. I couldn't finish the first video, it's so bizarre, lol. The second video is much better, I'll download that song =)

  4. A cold freezing night is quite an interesting video. Very bizarre!

  5. Live shows are so pricey nowadays.

  6. soo much stuff going on around where you live.

  7. Wooo!!! the videos are awesome songs!

  8. The Black Heart Procession's video is very creative.