Sunday, October 31, 2010

OCTOBER 31 // 2010

You're probably already headed to a party or Rocky Horror screening or some such thing, but if you're out and about and want to hit up the coolest show of the evening:

Fucked Up with The Sadies
@ The Garrison 
$door, probably cheap!

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this band live - they do, uh, live here after all - but I've never, ever been disappointed. Probably the most fun you're going to have at a live show, ever. Seriously. Plus, they tour like fiends, so you international folk will probably get a chance to see them if you haven't already, fear not! So throw on a costume and head on down Dundas and hit this one up.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OCTOBER 30 // 2010


Wet Hair w/ Doldrums, Three-Legged Race, and Young Mother
@ Korova Milkbar (488 College St (@ Bathurst, sorta)

Sorry, quick entry because life is hectic, but this is going to be a killer night. Even if you don't live anywhere near here, just take this as a musical recommendation. Hugely cool acid-fried synth drones from the former gents in Raccoo-oo-on, plus a bunch of incredibly supporting acts, including local (and personal favourite) Doldrums who do, y'know, similarly styled stuff but seem to have a lot more fun while doing. Plus, they just put out a VHS which is anachronistic as shit, so let that be a stamp of approval.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

OCTOBER 28 // 2010

BRUCE PENINSULA @ The Horseshoe Tavern
$10 adv.

No, no, go back and watch that video. Isn't that cool as hell? Huge, huge strange local band, entirely worth checking out. Kind of a bummer of a venue - last time I saw them they played in a church and it was perfect - but they put on an amazing show. Sort of Tom Waits-y, especially the vocals. Very cool.

Other options:

Angus & Julia Stone @ The Opera House - $17.50 adv.

Dan Mangan @ Trinity St. Paul's - $22.50 adv. - ALL AGES

Mt. Desolation @ The Drake - $18.50 adv.

Monday, October 25, 2010

OCTOBER 25 // 2010

Books @ The Mod Club
$20 adv., doors @ 8


The Books are a bizarre, bizarre band working in plunderphonics, where they take a bunch of disparate samples and mash 'em together into something entirely new (and bizarre). Sort of like a less club-oriented Girl Talk, or something akin to the Avalanches. I got to see them live at All Tomorrow's Parties recently, and they're definitely worth the price of admission. Great fun. Besides, there's slim pickings otherwise, so why not? As an added bonus, The Black Heart Procession are opening, who aren't nearly as fun, per se, but instead wonderfully gloomy, dirgey folk. Get there on time then, eh? (Or just check out the videos, ye out-of-towners).

Other options:

Tom Rush @ Hugh's Room - $door

Adam Hawthorne Stevens @ The Drake Hotel - $10.50 adv.

Two Door Cinema Club @ The Phoenix - $17.50 adv. - ALL AGES

Saturday, October 23, 2010

OCTOBER 23 // 2010

Gwar (with The Casualties)
@ The Opera House
$33.50 adv., doors @ 8

It's GWAR. C'MON. You know this is going to be a killer show. Catchy tunes, probably lots of people getting hurt/hurting other, wacky antics. Expensive as hell for this kind of thing, but hey, Gwar fans are a dedicated bunch, it would seem. Plus The Casualties ain't half bad either, but might take themselves a bit too seriously to fit in to the bill.

Other options:

Tom Green @ The Phoenix - $23.50 adv.

Alex Metric @ The Wrongbar - $15.00 adv.

Senses Fail and Bayside @ Mod Club - $23.00 adv. - ALL AGES

Silk Flowers @ The Shop - $7.00 adv.

Social Distortion @ The Kool Haus - $sold out, try at the door! - ALL AGES

Stars @ Massey Hall - $29.50-39.50 adv.
(Perfect venue, really)

There's also a damn ROLLER DERBY @ The Hanger, only $12.

Friday, October 22, 2010

OCTOBER 22 // 2010

Hey folks, sorry, I've been hella busy lately, so just a quick update:

Miles Daves Tribute (Bitches Brew)
8pm @ Trane Studio (964 Bathurst)
$20 @ the door

Should be a great show, stunningly talented quintet recreating one of the most adventurous albums of jazz ever.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OCTOBER 20 // 2010

Four Tet @ The Mod Club
$18.50 adv., doors @ 8

Psychedelic sprawling beats, really gorgeous and worth a listen. Not sure how this all gets pulled off live, but I'm positive that with the right stage set-up (lights, projections, etc.) this is going to be a pretty remarkable show. And hey, if nothing else, the tunes are ethereal.

Other options:

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan @ Lee's Palace - $18.50 adv.
(Isobel Campbell is also doing a FREE show at Criminal Records this evening!)

Suffocation @ The Opera House - $22.00 adv.
(Death metal legends, sure, but $22? C'mon.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OCTOBER 19 // 2010

Deerhunter w/ Real Estate
@ The Opera House
$18.50 adv., doors @ 8

Man, I am not happy to be stuck in class until 10 tonight, otherwise I'd be first in line for this. Deerhunter make a triumphant headlining return to Toronto in the wake of their newest (and best?) album, Halcyon Digest. Killer noisy, shoegazey, catchy rockin' stuff; critical darlings for a reason. Check out one of my favourite songs from 'em, "Agoraphobia", from 2008's Microcastle. So so jealous of those who can make it to the show. Real Estate are a pretty solid choice for opener, too.

Other options:

Ghostkeeper @ The Garrison - $8.00 adv.

Jamaica @ Wrongbar - $14.50 adv.

Local Natives w/ The Ruby Suns @ The Mod Club - $door

Unexpect @ Sneaky Dee's - $door
(Weirdo progressive/avant-garde metal - highly recommended)

Monday, October 18, 2010

OCTOBER 18 // 2010

Avi Buffalo  
@ The Horseshoe Tavern
$13.50 adv., doors @ 9 (openers at 9:15)

Slim pickings tonight, folks. I saw Avi Buffalo this past September and they're pretty solid, if not remarkable. Right on the pulse of what "indie rock" looks/sounds like right now. They're signed to Sub Pop, which might be some indication of quality, but nothing too remarkable in my humble opinion. Check out the video, see what you think. Catchy stuff, sure, but inessential, I'd say.

Other options:

Enter Shikari @ The Annex Wreckroom - $18.00 adv. - ALL AGES
(Oh god, don't go to that...)

Rocky Votolato @ The Drake Hotel - $14.50 adv.

Not really a concert, but completely worth your time:

We're the Weakerthans, We're From Winnipeg (With a John K. Samnson solo set!) @ The Royal Cinema - $15.00 adv

Now this is bound to be cool: premier of the Weakerthan's new documentary/concert movie, with a set from lead singer John K. Samson. Great independent theatre, great Canadian music, great way to spend a Monday evening.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OCTOBER 17 // 2010

Blonde Redhead with Pantha du Prince
@ The Phoenix (410 Sherbourne St.)
$25 adv., doors @ 8

Mysterious, left-field, strangely catchy & hypnotic indie rock by way of shoegaze at its finest, really. Check out the track above: really transcendent stuff, approaching a Loveless sort of vibe (thanks in no small part to the eerie, alluring female vocals). And it's pretty killer double-header: surprise-great-hit-of-the-year Pantha du Prince opens with his beautiful ambient techno. Tickets are still available, surprisingly, so hop to it.

Other options:

Bloody Beetroots @ The Guvernment - $door - ALL AGES

The Fugitives @ The Drake Hotel - $12.00 adv.

Helmet @ Lee's Palace - $22.50 adv.

Jimmy Eat World @ The Kool Haus - $30.00 adv. - ALL AGES

Next Music From Tokyo Vol.2 @ The Velvet Underground - $10.00
(Great, diverse line-up of Japanese bands.)

Stick to Your Guns @ The Annex Wreckroom - $18.00 - ALL AGES
(This is a great little venue, highly suggest you check it out sometime. Great sightlines all around and plenty of room in the back for people just there to drink to not get in the way.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

OCTOBER 16 // 2010

Hollerado @ The Horseshoe Tavern 
$13.50 adv., doors @ 9

Insanely catchy local favourites. Seriously infectious grooves that are steadily gaining popularity, so go catch 'em at a little, intimate bar now while you still can. Plus, it's less than $15. Come out, sing along, dance, whatever, it's just going to be fun.

Other options:

Matthew Dear @ The Wrongbar - $15.00 adv.

Dr. Dog @ The Phoenix - $20.50 adv.


Jeff Mills @ SPK - $17.00 (Part of the X Avant series)


Removed the word verification from commenting. Did not realize that was enabled by default, sorry folks! Update coming later today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

OCTOBER 15 // 2010

Black Label Society with Children of Bodom and Clutch
@ Sound Academy (11 Polson St)
$64 adv., doors @ 6:30

You'd need a king's ransom to get a ticket to this mainstream metal double-header, but you're not likely to find a better night out if you're into the heavier side of things. Arguably two of the biggest names in the field right now. But hey, if head-banging and moshing isn't your thing - or you just have better taste than this - there's a lot going on tonight, so have your pick.

Other options:

Big Brother & The Holding Company @ The Rockpile - $27.50 adv. - ALL AGES

The Dears @ The Garrison - $15.00 adv.
(Final show of their three night stand)

Doctor P @ The Wrongbar - $15.00 adv.

First Aid Kit @ El Mocambo - $13.50 adv.

Get 'Er Done @ The Mod Club - $12.50 adv.

Mayer Hawthorne & The Country @ The Opera House - $17.50 adv.

The Planet Smashers with Mustard Plug, The Creepshow, and more @ The Phoenix - $18.50 adv. - ALL AGES
(Ska fans rejoice)

Vic Ruggiero @ Mod Club - $10 adv.

Sceintists of Sound Do Daft Punk's Homework @ Lee's Palace - $12 adv.

Teenanger with Little Girls @ Teranga - $cheap
(This is my real "best bet", personally speaking. Great local punk, highly recommended.)

Thousand Foot Krutch @ Queensway Cathedral - RIYL: Jesus

There, no excuse to stay home tonight.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OCTOBER 14 // 2010

Bad Religion with Bouncing Souls 
@ The Kool Haus (132 Queens Quay E.)
$29.50 adv., doors @ 7

Punk rock legends Bad Religion return to Toronto to celebrate 30 years as a band, as well as their 15th full-length album. Just as much piss and vinegar and political condemnation as ever. Opening are the equally energetic (but only half as old) fan favourites Bouncing Souls.

Other options:

Cobra Skulls @ Sneaky Dee's - $10.00 adv.

Crash Test Dummies @ The Great Hall - $27.50 adv. - ALL AGES

The Dears @ The Garrison - $15.00 adv.
(Night two of three!)

The Human Eye @ The Silver Dollar - $7.00 adv.

OK Go @ The Phoenix - $21.00 adv. - ALL AGES

We Came As Romans @ The Mod Club - $14.50 adv. - ALL AGES

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OCTOBER 13 PART 2 // 2010

Can't believe I let this one slip my list, but Sufjan Stevens is at Massey Hall tonight. It's apparently sold out, sadly, but check back at the page of the show for people trying to get rid of tickets last minute; I know I've made a show or two because of this. Just don't go for scalpers, ok? Ruins things for everyone. Right then.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OCTOBER 13 // 2010

Nick Lowe
@ The Mod Club (722 College St W)
$34.50 adv., doors @ 8pm

Power-pop/new wave legend. Shamelessly catchy, you really can't hate this stuff. The man's been around since the late 70's and he's still doing his thing. A bit on the expensive side, but how many chances are you going to get to see him?

Other options:

The Dears @ The Garrison - $15 adv.
(First night of a three-day stay at the smallest venue they'll be playing for a long time. Great chance to catch a "bigger" band in a great venue.)

Carl Palmer @ The Lula Lounge - $32.50 adv.

OCTOBER 12 // 2010

Dan Deacon and Lightning Bolt (with JOHN MILNER YOU’RE SO BOSS)
@ The Great Hall (1087 Queen St W)
$15 adv. , doors @ 8:30

I shouldn't even list "other options", because this is hands down the most fun you're going to have tonight. LIGHTNING BOLT either a) have never come here, or b) have never come here in my 5 years of listening to them. Huge, spastic, sledge-hammer noise assaults; expect things to get rowdy. The more timid show-goers can leave after Dan Deacon's avant-dance throwdown, I guess, but Lightning Bolt shows are the stuff of legends.

Other options:

Bell X1 @ The Drake Hotel - $18.50 adv.

Early Man @ Sneaky Dee's - $12.50 adv.

Neon Indian @ Lee's Palace - $18.50 adv.

Octopus Project @ Wrongbar - $10.50 adv.