Sunday, October 17, 2010

OCTOBER 17 // 2010

Blonde Redhead with Pantha du Prince
@ The Phoenix (410 Sherbourne St.)
$25 adv., doors @ 8

Mysterious, left-field, strangely catchy & hypnotic indie rock by way of shoegaze at its finest, really. Check out the track above: really transcendent stuff, approaching a Loveless sort of vibe (thanks in no small part to the eerie, alluring female vocals). And it's pretty killer double-header: surprise-great-hit-of-the-year Pantha du Prince opens with his beautiful ambient techno. Tickets are still available, surprisingly, so hop to it.

Other options:

Bloody Beetroots @ The Guvernment - $door - ALL AGES

The Fugitives @ The Drake Hotel - $12.00 adv.

Helmet @ Lee's Palace - $22.50 adv.

Jimmy Eat World @ The Kool Haus - $30.00 adv. - ALL AGES

Next Music From Tokyo Vol.2 @ The Velvet Underground - $10.00
(Great, diverse line-up of Japanese bands.)

Stick to Your Guns @ The Annex Wreckroom - $18.00 - ALL AGES
(This is a great little venue, highly suggest you check it out sometime. Great sightlines all around and plenty of room in the back for people just there to drink to not get in the way.)


  1. If I lived in Toronto, this may be more relevant, good info!

  2. Aww too bad I dont live there, I will totally check out the music though!

  3. I have friends living in toronto, i'll have to show them this

  4. toronto suddenly looks like a real cool place to live (show-seeing wise)

  5. That video is like a dream, and it sounds great!

  6. :C I AM NOT CANADIAN!! I have yet to go to a concert. Take care :D

  7. Fucking wish I lived in canada man. For numerous reasons...

  8. very interesting stuff

  9. Lucky bastard ass Toronto and all you're awesome shows.

  10. wish i could live in the city, im out in the boondocks :(