Saturday, October 23, 2010

OCTOBER 23 // 2010

Gwar (with The Casualties)
@ The Opera House
$33.50 adv., doors @ 8

It's GWAR. C'MON. You know this is going to be a killer show. Catchy tunes, probably lots of people getting hurt/hurting other, wacky antics. Expensive as hell for this kind of thing, but hey, Gwar fans are a dedicated bunch, it would seem. Plus The Casualties ain't half bad either, but might take themselves a bit too seriously to fit in to the bill.

Other options:

Tom Green @ The Phoenix - $23.50 adv.

Alex Metric @ The Wrongbar - $15.00 adv.

Senses Fail and Bayside @ Mod Club - $23.00 adv. - ALL AGES

Silk Flowers @ The Shop - $7.00 adv.

Social Distortion @ The Kool Haus - $sold out, try at the door! - ALL AGES

Stars @ Massey Hall - $29.50-39.50 adv.
(Perfect venue, really)

There's also a damn ROLLER DERBY @ The Hanger, only $12.


  1. I saw The Casualties over the summer. I wouldn't mind going to that Senses Fail and Bayside show. Bayside is really good.

  2. Tom green would be awesome to see.

  3. Makes me wish I live in Toronto

  4. if PLAY! A musical orchestra - every comes to toronto, let me know, ima fly there tow atch it..

  5. COOL! Gwar is my favorite band "Bring out the bomb! Fuuuuuuu I'd like to be there u_u

  6. Gwar will crush it. Tom Green and Social Distortion, too though. Nice little lineup coming up

  7. cool blog! gonna follow this!